The partners represent a variety of NGOS, public institutions, firms, associated partners (Ministry of Culture from North Macedonia) and other entities coming from 5 countries across Europe dealing with cultural heritage will commit to effectively share results of the project with local stakeholders groups.


Geo Club Association is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that was born from the passion of a few youngsters who wanted to take action and make a change in the society they were living in. Geo Club’s founding members have had the desire to give back all the things they have learned and experienced during previous years of volunteering.

Aim: Geo Club’s mission focuses on national and international networking among young people, students, trainers and teachers of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds.

Areas of activity: Themes of our projects relate to cultural aspects (respect for diversity, peaceful co-existence), social problems (migration, integration, active citizenship), political issues (democracy, freedom of speech), ecology, sports and arts (cultural heritage, legacy, photography, singing, dancing). Therefore, we have quite enough experience in a high variety of topics.

We started in 2015, together with other 4 NGOs from Ilfov County, a legal local umbrella entity (which works like a federation) – Ilfov County Foundation for Youth (Fundatia Judeteana pentru Tineret Ilfov – FJT – Ilfov). This foundation is meant to represent all the youngsters and all the NGOs that are working with/for youth in Ilfov County, in relation with the local authorities and institutions.


A4ACTION – the Association for Initiatives and Continuous Development is an organisation funded in October 2012. The mission of A4ACTION is to promote lifelong learning through volunteering, non-formal education and active involvement.

We implement activities:

  • Locally – We opened a Youth Centre in a rural area: Ghermanesti, Ilfov District. The youth centre is a place where we welcome everyone from the community and we work with children, young people and teachers, through local and international volunteers.
  • Regionally – We are members of the Foundation for Youth Ilfov and we are also involved in the youth initiative “Together for Ilfov”, which aims to broaden the lifelong learning opportunities for young people from Ilfov, using non-formal educational programmes.
  • Nationally – We are members of the VOLUM Federation, a national collaboration between many youth NGOs that target the development of the Romanian youth on various levels of social participation and self-development.
  • Internationally – We have created different partnerships with EU countries but not only, through programmes like ERASMUS+, European Solidarity Corps, SEE grants.
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We are a non-profit organization based in Denmark and we mainly focus on ERASMUS+ projects
targeting young people, youth workers and teachers who want to travel, learn and share their culture
with others.
Our organization was born in 2016, with the help of the local youth community in Aarhus, Denmark.
Throughout the years, we became very active within the Erasmus+ field by involving the youths in
international mobilities.
Our mission is to equip youngsters, youth workers and teachers with the soft skills needed for
professional success. In the same time, we are bringing non-formal education closer to all individuals by
tailoring our activities according to their specific needs.
Our vision is to be the largest youth organization in Denmark that supports individuals in their lifelong
learning process by pursuing personal growth and excellence.



Gdoce is a company based in Spain, well experienced in the entrepreneurship world. We are specialized in new digital technologies learning in addition to an extensive use of social networks, Web 2.0 tools and the world cloud computing projects for all types of public and private clients in learning environments.

Our expertise is to develop digital content and entrepreneurship services platform applications, with particular emphasis on learning, knowledge and innovation. Specifically, we are focused on developing, implementing, documenting and maintaining IT applications platforms, issuing specific technologies and development environments, ensuring secure access to data and meeting the criteria of “usability” and quality required by established standards.

In the last years we have collaborated with our partners in several projects about training digital competences with entrepreneurship support. We are commmitted with the digital training competences and the certification of those knowledges.

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Youth Council Next Generation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in February 2010 in Skopje, the Republic of North Macedonia. Next Generation is empowering youth participation through implementation and support of projects and initiatives directed towards youth development in our local, as well as a national and international community.

The foundation of our organization lies in the experience of its members in youth work, non-formal education, active participation, and social activism, who joined together to enable learning mobility opportunities for young people in order to evolve in educated and aware persons who actively participate in society. In other words, we are seeking to contribute to creating a generation of youth equipped with competencies, values, and attitudes of active and responsible citizens, through enabling participation in youth projects and activities covering different social topics.

Youth Council Next Generation is working towards developing, implementing, and supporting projects and initiatives directed towards youth development and active participation. Also, the activities of our organization are directed to promote volunteerism and youth mobility opportunities for learning, given the principles of non-formal education. Most often, our projects are covering topics for raising awareness among youth about different social issues impacting our local and global society, such as: gender equality, hate speech, human rights, inclusion, cultural diversity, sport, healthy lifestyle, media literacy, active citizenship, etc.

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FAJUB - Federação das Associações Juvenis de Braga

FAJUB – Federation of Youth Associations of Braga is an organisation that politically represents the youth associations of the District of Braga both locally, nationally and internationally.

FAJUB’s main position is to represent the youth associations of Braga in the meetings of the Municipal and National Councils and to defend the interests between the public and political powers of the youth associations movement. This position allows active participation in the definition of youth policies, in general, and the youth associative movement.

The FAJUB’s activity plan includes the development of meetings, meetings and training for member associations, encouraging the sharing of good work practices, the use of non formal education for the development of young people’s skills and the construction of an active, tolerant and supportive community.

FAJUB intends to highlight the importance of the role of associations in the non-formal education of young people from Braga to develop the youth movement in the region.

Through the training and development of youth associations, a future with more options is sought, a demonstration and promotion of youth entrepreneurship, individual and associative with communities and populations.

FAJUB – Federation of Youth Associations of Braga is an organisation that politically represents the youth associations of the District of Braga both locally, nationally and internationally.

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Built between 1898-1907, in the heart of a town that was in full process of modernization and prosperous due to the grains commerce. In a town in full swing of renewal, Constantin Mihail (Dini)(1837-1908), one of the best known landowners of the time, wanted to have a house that would reflect and maybe emphasize his social position.

Art Museum Craiova activities:

  • organizing temporary exhibitions with the best contemporary artists;
  • publish monthly articles connected with art and cultural events
  • organizing concerts in the saloons of the museum

Art Museum Craiova has a long term partnership regarding children’s education (especially art education providing information the local community)

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